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Today online banking has become an industry of its own and are willing to let you open a free checking account right there from home. Traditional banks have created websites and are competing with one another in offering online banking services. Some enterprising minds have even concocted the idea of “Internet only” banks and are currently doing business on the Web as virtual banks.




Men and women accustomed to banking transactions, including those who are addicted to freebies, respond by adding an item in their wish list: “If only I can open a free checking account online" or something along that line.


And guess what? A genie must have picked up the wish and fed it to bankers’ minds. One by one, online banks are posting on their home pages messages that have a common theme, “Open a free checking account - Click here for more information”.


For example, Wachovia (a Wells Fargo brainchild), says on its home page, “Free checking account. Apply now… 1 + 1 + 1 = Free. Free Checking. Free Online Banking…”


Wachovia is not the only bank that will let you open a free checking account. First Citizens, BB&T, Regions, Bank of American and many others also offer this service. The key is deciding which service is best for your particular needs.


Now there it is. The public can definitely open a free checking account. But the question is … how does each individual define the word “free”? Or what is one person’s concept of a free checking account? Is it an account that is totally without cost?


Another question: is free checking account really free? Is it free as in “freebie” in the infancy days of the Web?


There is one thing that people should remember. Online banks are business enterprises, and their Web presence is meant to support their goal of earning profits. Yes, customers can open a free checking account with them, but their definition of “free” may not be the same as their customers’.


People don’t pay a charge for applying for a checking account online. That’s free.

People don’t pay a monthly service charge. That’s also free.

Issuance of standard checks: $18-$20. Now that’s something to think about.


While some banks offer services and rates better than others, those wanting to open a free checking account have a variety of options to choose from.


Free Checking Accounts for 2012-2013:
 Banks really want you to do business with them so you will have your pick of free checking accounts for 2012-2013. Just about every bank, including First Citizens, Bank of American, Regions and BB&T, is going to be offering free checking accounts for their customers. Click here to read more about the free checking account offers for 2012-2013.


Checking Account Promotions for 2012-2013: Checking account promotions have far surpassed the toaster that new account holders use to be rewarded with. The down turn in the economy has forced the banks to become more competitive. In most cases the promotions include interest bearing accounts, freebies and a host of other promotions to get you to sign up with the bank. Banks are hurting for business right now so they are really going above and beyond to win back confidence and your business. Click here to read more about checking account promotions.

Open a Checking Account Online: With all the new technology today, it is now possible to open a checking account online. Before the development of electronics communication technology, and especially before the birth of the Internet as we know it today, there was no way that anyone could open a checking account online. There was not even an “online” environment to talk about. The environment was an immaculate office space enclosed by solid walls of a banking institution. Click here to read more about opening a checking account online.

Banks with Free Checking: Before the days of Internet banking (or online banking, as others prefer to call it) there was no hype whatsoever about banks with free checking accounts. Banking institutions merely listed checking accounts as one of the items in their menu of services. A typical bank advertisement then would have this plain format: “XYZ Bank. Services offered: Savings Account, Checking Account (or Demand Deposit Account), Certificate of Deposit, Loans.” But with competition growing year after year, traditional banks were forced to come up with innovative ideas in order to stay ahead. Click here to read more about banks with free checking.

Benefits of Opening a Checking Account Online: Online checking accounts are typically less costly to maintain than the checking accounts in the traditional brick and mortar buildings. The answer is simple, the online checking account costs the bank less to manage. There is less needs for customer service folks like tellers, the bank does not have to pay overhead to literally house your account since there is no building and all that savings is passed on to you the consumer. Click here to read more about the benefits of opening a checking account online.









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